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Leverage our advanced network logic to connect your bus routes, multiple brands or operating companies. Optimize routing with customizable wait times, fastest routes, fewest connections and more in an easy to use interface.

  • Connect services in one seamless environment
  • Simplified interface
  • Optimized Routing

Dashboard and Reporting

Make informed management decisions driven by comprehensive data on your ridership.

  • Export and customize views on your data
  • Standardized reconciliation process
  • Out of box reports and filters to read your data and manage reconciliations

Dynamic Pricing

Provide passengers the right trip, at the right time, at the right price.

  • Fare classes for flexible vs firm tickets
  • Over 20 unique pricing metrics
  • Ability to increase yields, sales, margins and customize offerings

Payment Methods

More ways for your customers to pay for services, whether they are one-time passengers, corporate accounts, travel agencies and more.

  • Provide unique pay on account profiles for corporate clients and wholesalers
  • Accept cash, credit, vouchers and loyalty points from passengers
  • Create your own custom payments that suit your clientele

Seatmap Flows

Integrate seatmaps to your booking flow; select seats in an interactive map.

  • Customize the seatmap layout and background image
  • Identify reserved seats, blocked seats and wheelchair accessible seating
  • Quickly re-accommodate passengers in irregular operations with Betterez Move

Scanning and NFC

Contactless redemptions for your passengers and driver. Betterez scanning app unlocks a fast and secure redemption for your boarding process.

  • Security controls to ensure the correct ticket for the boarding trip
  • Fast NFC tap or QR code scan for seamless passenger boarding experience